Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire Newport Village Hall?

The basic charge is £11 per hour but other charges apply to weddings and commercial hires etc. – see list of charges. A £100 deposit is required for special events and £30 for children’s parties.

How do I obtain the key?

The security key is obtainable from Newport Village Store located opposite the turning to the Wicken Road.  A returnable deposit of £25 is required.

What does the key open?

The special security key will open the main hall door and the door to The Marion Faber Room.  It will also unlock the padlock on the car park gate.

Can I supply alcohol at my event?

Newport Village Hall holds a licence for the supply of alcohol on its premises.  Hirers must use common sense to avoid supplying to minors or to anybody already suffering from excessive alcohol.   See detailed Terms and Conditions about the supply of alcohol.

What else should I know?

Hirers are expected to leave the Hall clean and tidy after their event and to place all rubbish in the skip in the car park.  There is a broom cupboard located in the left hand corridor to help with any clean up.

Hirers must ensure that local residents are not disturbed by excessive noise either from inside the Hall or by people congregating outside the building.

Full Terms and Conditions are available from the DETAILED TERMS